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A nightmare in Nagpur? What is the viral truth of this ghost video?

The CCTV footage of a house in Chafle Nagar, the state capital, is currently the talk of Nagpur.

Nagpur: A CCTV footage of a house in Chafle Nagar, the state’s capital, has become a hot topic in Nagpur. People say that the figure seen on this CCTV is a ghost. Raju Meshram has installed CCTV in his house at Chafle Layout near Shatabdi Chowk. On July 19, just after 12:36 pm, some records were recorded on the CCTV of his house, which shocked him. They have seen a figure or an image of an auto parked in front of a house in an alley in Chaflenagar passing by the top of the auto. Then she goes a little further on the ground and suddenly disappears. That is what has been filmed in this CCTV.

The talk of the alleged ghost being filmed on CCTV in the Chafle layout under the Ajni police station has alarmed people in the area, leading to peace everywhere.

In fact, his car, which was parked in front of the house of Raju Meshram, who lives in Layout, was attacked by goons a few days back. Therefore, for security reasons, the Meshram family installed CCTV outside their house.

After midnight on July 19, there was a loud noise in front of the house. Raju and his family woke up to the fear of being attacked again. However, instead of risking leaving the house, they investigated what happened outside the house through CCTV footage. Then at 12:36 they saw an image near the top of the auto, then they saw it go away and disappeared which shocked them.

These people were already frightened by the goons’ attack and now the Meshram family is still terrified by this kind of ghost. He showed the footage to citizens in the area the next day. Then the talk of demons began everywhere.

The incident of a 12-year-old girl committing suicide in a well a few years ago added fuel to the fire of ghost talk. Which made the premises look serene. People were locked in their homes in fear. Meanwhile, the matter reached the police.


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