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A father was carrying the corpse of an 11-year-old girl on his shoulder, and the oncoming person was causing him great grief, because

Be sure to support humanity in Corona, these are not always simple days, these are days of crisis. Do what you can to help those in need.

Chandigarh: Support humanity in Corona, these are not the usual simple days, these are the days of crisis. Do what you can to help those in need. The poor laborer’s daughter was not killed by Corona in the news, but no one came forward to help. The poor are not ready to be the guardians of anyone in Corona. There are also instances where people, regardless of caste or religion, have helped with funerals and treatments. However, some incidents are coming up, which sends the message that people are still not coming forward as much as they need help. So people need to come forward during such incidents.

How bad is poverty …
Corona virus has spread across the country, and efforts are underway to control it. But Corona has taken many away from us. This incident happened in Jalandhar in our own country, Punjab.

After watching the video of this incident, the district administration has given financial help of Rs 50,000 to this person. In this video, the man is carrying the body of his own 11-year-old daughter on his shoulders. He is a poor laborer.

The girl’s father is a hard worker
Officials said that the person seen in the video has been identified as a poor laborer who lives in Ramnagar area. The girl died on May 9 in Amritsar. But the cause of death of this girl was not Kovid-19. She was not killed by Corona.

No neighbors came to their aid
Jalandhar Deputy Commissioner Ghanshyam Thori said the family’s financial situation was deteriorating and they needed immediate financial help. This video was taken by a person.

Laborer Dilip was carrying his daughter Soni’s body to the crematorium for burial. The laborer was originally from Orissa, no neighbor came to his aid, as he felt. Kumar’s daughter has died of corona.

But many took out the video on mobile
According to the laborer, Guru Nanak Medical College in Amritsar said that his daughter was infected with corona, but he was not reported. The laborer also felt bad that no one was coming to help, no one was coming to support my daughter.

It would have been nice if one or two people had made the video, but it seemed like people were filming every step of the way, so the wait seemed to get heavier.

Dilip is originally from Odisha, living in Ramnagar, Dilip has 3 daughters, daughter Sonu is 11 years old. She had been suffering from fever for the last 2 months.


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