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90 lakh people watched the video of Content Creator … which resulted in imprisonment

Every social media platform has some rules and limitations.

Mexico: Content creators or influencers are sharing something on their social media accounts every day to compete for dominance on social media as well as to increase their followers. These people sometimes post negative content or even controversial content to get shares, comments and likes to your post on social media. But every social media platform has some rules and limitations. Similarly, provision has been made for punishment for breaking the rules.

A similar controversy is currently raging in a YouTuber in Mexico. In which a controversial video has caused her to go to jail.

Yoss Hoffman, a famous YouTuber from Mexico, has a YouTube channel called YosStop. She has about 90 lakh followers on it.

Jos Hoffman was recently sentenced to life in prison for posting child pornography content. In fact, Jose Hoffman shared a video of a 16-year-old girl being raped on his channel.

Sharing such controversial content on YouTuber has been banned. But still Jose Hoffman shared this child pornography video, which is said to have defamed this girl. Yoss was prosecuted and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

After this, Jose Hoffman is expecting justice for himself. She says just posting a video will not convict her. Even though YouTube is strict about its policy, it is difficult for me to survive in such a situation. Therefore, it is not appropriate to punish her for this reason.


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