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33% of Indian men have forced sexual relations with their wifes, which is a crime in these countries

In many lands, it is considered a crime to rape a wife. But in some countries, including India, it is not a crime after marriage.

Mumbai: In August 2021, 3 marital rape cases were heard in various courts in India. A Kerala High Court ruling in August ruled that marital rape was cruel and could be a basis for divorce.

On August 12, the Mumbai City Additional Sessions Court ruled that it was not illegal to have sex without the wife’s consent. And on August 26, a Chhattisgarh court acquitted an accused of marital rape, saying he did not have a marital rape offense.

If we discuss those 4 cases of marital rape, under what law those cases were dismissed and also that such cases fall under the category of crime in 151 out of 185 countries of the world.

The wife was paralyzed by forced sex, the court said – this is unfortunate, but not a crime

On January 2, 2021, a couple from Mumbai went to Mahabaleshwar. When the husband wanted to have sex with his wife at night, the wife refused, because she did not feel well, but the husband forced her to have sex. After this, his wife’s health deteriorated. Doctors said she was paralyzed in the lower back.

The wife filed a case of marital rape against the husband. On 12 August 2021, the Mumbai City Additional Sessions Court ruled that marital rape was not a crime in India.

The lower court found the husband guilty of rape, while the high court acquitted him


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